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I Am Not A Human Being 2

Posted on 04.10.2013

When you talk about Lil Wayne, people will have mixed reactions. Some will say he is no good because all he raps about now is nonsense and his lyrics are inane. Others will tell you that they support him no matter what he does, and he is still the best rapper alive. After listening to Lil Wayne’s latest album “I Am Not A Human Being 2,”  I can say that his lyrics are not as great as they once were on his past albums, such as his biggest success “Tha Carter 3.”  Although his lyrics have slipped and some of the things he raps about in this album are nonsense,  I still think this is great music for jamming out. Another thing is that these side projects are not meant to be his best work. Lil Wayne’s best work and music is in the “Carter” albums, which are his greatest hits. “I Am Not A Human Being 2”  was good but not a classic, which was what I was expecting because of the lyrics on this CD not being as personal for him. However,  it is worth listening to. If you like it, go ahead and buy it.


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