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Evil Dead

Posted on 04.10.2013

The “Evil Dead” remake makes up for “Movie 43,” the corny “Scary Movie V” and every Pauly Shore movie ever made in one fell swoop. Most critics argue that by remaking a cult classic, part of the original’s charm is inevitably lost. For example, 2012’s “Red Dawn” replaced the over-the-top Russians with the boring North Koreans and CGI explosions. But I think the “Evil Dead” remake works as a retelling, rather than an attempt to one-up the original “five twenty-something kids in the woods” story that is now overplayed. With the same sense of humor found in the 1981 version, one cannot help but laugh at the same time that someone is being murdered by evil spirits. Still, certain parts are incredibly scary,  such as when one of the women saws off her own face. This is always a nice thing to have in a world filled with cheap, jump-scare tactics and dumb twists in the style of M. Night Shyamalan. Go see this movie. I promise it is worth every dedicated horror buff’s time.


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