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Santorini Greek Kitchen

Posted on 03.27.2013

My first venture to Fountain Square lead me right into a kitchen… Santorini Greek Kitchen, that is. The restaurant has a blue and white décor that reminds patrons of the Greek Isles and ceilings stained with smoke from saganaki displays. The service is incredibly friendly and attentive, and made sure to make our saganaki – better known as “flaming cheese” – delivery something to capture on a smartphone. The portions were generous, which I was glad to see, and I helped myself to the pita bread, Greek salad, and a huge platter of pastitsio. Greek food is delicious but also spicy, so I recommend taking advantage of the free refills. For dessert I split the sweet baklava and  decadent limoncello mascarpone, which I actually preferred over the classic Greek pastry. The only drawback to Santorini Greek Kitchen is the price, but for the experience it’s so worth it. Next time you’re burnt out on PFS, go to Fountain Square. Or better yet, Santorini.


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