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Justin Timberlake 20/20

Posted on 03.27.2013

The time has finally arrived, everybody! Justin Timberlake has released his first album since 2006 and his third solo album overall, since being absent from the music world. When Timberlake released his first single “Suit and Tie” in January featuring Jay-Z on the track,  it meant one thing: this album was going to be big. When I turned on the first track, I admit it got my head nodding a bit, which is always a good sign. However, after listening to the album, I thought that it was pretty good, but not on the level of his previous album “Future Sex/Love Sounds.” The main problem I had with it was there was too much R&B, and not enough hip hop. However, I did enjoy that he is working with Timbaland again, and like always, one of the masters of music beats delivered. Since Timberlake has announced that the release of the second half of this new album is in November, I look forward to the it being a blend of more hip hop and a less R&B, with some more artist features as well.


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