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Former UIndy football players prepare for NFL

Posted on 03.27.2013


Two former University of Indianapolis football players showcased their athletic talents in front of National Football League scouts at a pro day held on March 20 at Ball State University. Wide receiver Mar’quone Edmonds and linebacker Max Davis, both current seniors at UIndy, attended the pro day along with athletes from Ball State University and other Indiana colleges.

At the pro day, both Edmonds and Davis were subject to a round of official body measurements and various physical tests of strength and ability, including vertical and broad jumps, a bench press test, a 40-yard dash, lateral movement drills and shuttles. After the initial measurements and strength performance tasks, selected players were then invited to demonstrate their talents in position-specific drills.

Both Edmonds and Davis were among the standout players invited to perform position-specific drills in front of the scouts. Observing scouts represented seven different NFL teams.

According to their accounts of the pro day, both Edmonds and Davis were happy and confident with their performance at the event.

“[The position drills] went really well. I didn’t drop any balls, which is key … We both did well, overall,” Edmonds said.

As former Division II athletes, Edmonds and Davis said facing the competition of well-known Division I players is a challenge, but one that motivates them to train harder in order to stand out in front of scouts.

“I feel like you have to work even harder, obviously because you’re not put in the national spotlight as much as Division I players. So it’s harder to get noticed,” Davis said.

With this in mind, Edmonds said he takes advantage of every opportunity to showcase his skills.

“If you’re good, they [scouts] are going to find you,” he said.

Earlier this month, Edmonds attended the 2013 Beyond Sports Network Collegiate Showcase in Akron, Ohio, where he posted some of his best running times.

Both Edmonds and Davis also will attend an invitation-only local workout with the Indianapolis Colts on April 17. Edmonds also will display his talents during a similar workout with the Chicago Bears on April 12. These local workouts will give the prospective players a chance to perform more position-specific drills in front of coaches.

In the meantime, Edmonds and Davis will continue to train for their upcoming workouts and any other possible opportunities that may arise. If nothing else, both athletes hope to receive a call from a coach following the NFL Draft, with the opportunity to attend a team’s summer minicamp, or training camp, which would essentially mean a tryout and possible spot on a roster. Edmonds said he is confident and ready to work as hard as he can to reach his professional football goals.

“Just being realistic, I believe that I will get a call from a team, and I will be invited to camp. And once I get that call, I’ll know that I need to work that much harder to make the team, and not just be able to say I was invited, but to actually make the team,” Edmonds said.

Similarly, Davis explained that his current goal is to earn a spot on an NFL team’s roster by the start of the fall season.

“My dream is to play, to be a starter someday, but … you’ve got to start somewhere,” Davis said.

Both Edmonds and Davis described feelings of impatience and anxiety in awaiting the NFL Draft, which will occur April 25-27.

“I just feel very impatient. It’s just a long, long process, and it’s something I’ve been training for for a long time,” Edmonds said. “So getting closer and closer to that moment just makes me nervous—or just anxious—to see what the outcome will be.”


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