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Touch and Go

Posted on 02.20.2013

Members of a wealthy and seemingly perfect Boston family are abducted from their posh townhouse and vanish. Detectives scramble to find leads before getting a clue of the whereabouts of the Denby family — Justin, the father, owner of the multi-million dollar Denby Construction; Libby, the mother; and Ashlyn, their daughter. As the book unfolds, the Denby family’s troubles are revealed, including but definitely not limited to Justin’s extramarital activities, Libby’s addiction and Ashlyn’s secret boyfriend. This novel centers on three points of view. The first comes from the Denby family as told by Libby; the second of  Denby Construction’s investigator Tessa Leoni and the third from rural New Hampshire police officer Wyatt Foster. Author Lisa Gardner really does appeal to just about everyone with this book’s occasional wittiness, violence, suspense and mystery. As a person who is not normally attracted to crime-dramas, I was pleasantly surprised, and I highly recommend reading this book.


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