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The Walking Dead

Posted on 02.20.2013

In the premiere episode of the second half of its third season, “The Walking Dead” takes a new  macabre direction in the story. Although I was pleased with the premiere, it was very different from past seasons of “The Walking Dead.” During the premiere, we see characters such as The Governor­—who had been a positive leader for his community in previous episodes— make irrational decisions that result in a mercy killing, thus losing the trust of his people. As the episode continues, characters such as Daryl Dixon leave the main group for his brother Merle, and the group’s leader, Rick Grimes, begins to see make-believe images that cause him to go crazy at the episode’s conclusion. This certainly shakes things up in the series and shows that the creator, Frank Darabont, is willing to take new risks in the story to make things more interesting. The new twist in the premiere episode absolutely had me on the edge of my seat, and I cannot wait to see how these new developments play out in future episodes.


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