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Dick’s Last Resort

Posted on 02.20.2013

Located in downtown Indianapolis just outside of Circle Center Mall is an inviting, humor-filled restaurant known as Dick’s Last Resort. The menu ranges from seafood and chicken to sandwiches and dessert. I recommend the chicken fried chicken, served with mashed potatoes covered in jalapeño gravy and vegetables. Dick’s Last Resort is well known for its huge alcoholic drinks. However, all ages are welcome in the restaurant. There also is a place in the front where you can buy the Dick’s merchandise advertised on the walls. Patrons, you are guaranteed to receive a bib and a hat that has a tawdry, suggestive saying on it  which you must wear the whole time you are there. A drawback of the restaurant is the cost, but the entertainment you get while you are there is worth the price. If you are looking for a place with an entertaining staff and great-tasting food, and have a bawdy sense of humor, Dick’s Last Resort is a place you will enjoy. I absolutely recommend Dick’s.


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