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Private Berlin

Posted on 02.06.2013

James Patterson and Mark Sullivan take the readers through the investigative process of the Private Berlin agency while also taking them into the mind of a serial killer. When Private Berlin’s top agent, Chris Schneider, goes missing, ex-fiancee and coworker Mattie Engle must find out how and why. The agency’s search takes Engle to three different suspects. But she soon finds out that Schneider was working on a case of his own. Taking place two decades after the Berlin Wall comes down, Mattie’s investigation leads her to information about the disturbing past of her former lover and the mysteries that caused their engagement to fall apart. “Private Berlin” is an engaging book that draws you in and keeps your attention throughout the whole journey until the case is solved. The book is certainly a must-read and is highly recommended. I would also check out “Guilt,” by Jonathan Kellerman and “Suspect,” by Robert Crais.


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