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Devour Downtown

Posted on 02.06.2013

Devour Downtown is an absolutely wonderful event that you should know about. Some participating restaurants include Scotty’s Brewhouse, Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles, Barcelona Tapas and Creation Cafe, just to name a few.  I ventured out to Barcelona Tapas and had an amazing experience. With a unique blend of vegan and carnivore options, there really is something for everyone. I also made a point of hitting Scotty’s Brewhouse, an all-around fun place to be. The energy of the bar is incredibly positive, and the servers have an almost effortless “cool” factor about them. Patrons can build their own burgers with unusual toppings such as peanut butter, which is delicious. While the Devour Downtown Winterfest came to a close on Feb. 3, there’s also a drool-worthy Summerfest. Please go out and enjoy the city. Coming back to the South side may be a little disappointing, but venturing out will be a very rewarding experience.


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