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UIndy Community Weighs in on Paranormal Activities

Posted on 10.13.2010

The Hannah Mansion, just a short walk from the University of Indianapolis campus, has been dogged by stories of hauntings for over a century. Billed as the only real haunted house in Indianapolis, the Hannah Mansion, more commonly known as the Hannah House, boasts a rich paranormal and American history.

The house has long been rumored to have been a secret stop on the Underground Railroad when it was under the care of its builder and original inhabitant, Alexander Hannah. Hannah, a prominent member of the Indianapolis community, and his wife, Elizabeth, occupied the house for 37 years until his death in 1895. Although Hannah seemingly left the house forever in 1895, witnesses throughout the years have reported that his ghost has appeared on the balcony and throughout the mansion.

Photo by Chris Hartley.

The room now commonly called grandma’s bedroom is said to be one of the most haunted areas of the house. Witnesses have reported the unexplained smell of cherry pipe tobacco, which Hannah was famous for smoking, as well as unexpected drafts of cold air felt while in the bedroom.

House manager Mary Cox said that the basement is probably where the most instances of experiences with the paranormal are reported in the Hannah House. A group of escaping slaves that Hannah was helping along the Underground Railroad were trapped in the basement during a fire. Today, ghost hunters from across the country travel to the Hannah House in search of experiences with paranormal in the basement there. Audio recordings made in the basement have included unexplained whispers of “find me” and “help me.”


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