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10 things to do if you’re staying home this Spring Break

Posted on 03.04.2009

Fangfang Li | Editorial Assisstant

Spring Break is our well-deserved time off. However, if you don’t have an elaborate vacation planned, never fear. As your friends take off on their road trips and vacations, you can prove to them that staying at home is just as fun. You should use Spring Break to its full potential and here are some ideas on how to do so:

1. Eat & Be Merry

Have a pleasant dinner with your family or even cook for them if you can. Let them know that although you are an adult now, you still love them as much as before.

2. Movie Time

Go to see a movie. College students tend to watch movies a lot—at home. Try to find a night to see a movie in a theater and enjoy the environment that a television could never give you. You can also see a 3-D movie if you wish; it is fun, and it is something that a normal television doesn’t offer.

3. Find a Friend

Meet one of your friends you haven’t seen for a long time. He or she may have been your best friend, but you do not have a chance to meet up anymore. You may attend different schools, or you may be too busy with your own schedules. Spring break is a good time for you to pick up on your old friendships and find out how your friends are doing.

4. Just Zoo It!

Visit a zoo. When was the last time you visited a zoo? Do you still remember how excited you were when your first time saw some exotic animal? Life is not all about school, work and driving from one place to another. Spend a day with those lovely animals and feel how amazing nature can be.

5. Grab a Book

Spend a day in a bookstore. Pick up some books that interest you, stay in that bookstore and enjoy some time reading. When you are ready to leave, buy some old paperbacks and continue your reading at home!

6. Exercise

Go outside for bicycle riding, running, playing basketball or even just walking outside on a sunny day. Good outdoor exercises will improve the quality of your life.

7. Tall, Grande, or Vente?

Go to a coffee shop or cafe. Enjoy a quiet moment there. Then, tell yourself: This is the life. There is nothing you need to worry about, nothing you need to do in a rush. That moment is just for you.

8. Do Something New

Recall one thing that you really want to do, but you never got a chance to. Whatever it is—drawing a picture, learning a song or saying something to someone—spring break will be a great time to start. Do everything you want to do; you might regret it if you don’t.

9. Hit the Books

Do some homework—either to catch up your classes or to further your studies. Use Spring Break as a time to get ahead, and then enjoy relaxing as your friends scramble to meet deadlines.

10. Catch Some Zzz

Sleep. Sleeping enough is always a good idea, when you can. Besides, that is what a spring break means to students: Relax, relax, relax!


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